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6 myths on disinfection service

Looking for a disinfection service? Currently, the internet is filled with a lot of false information and the disinfectant area is not immune. This is because there are so many cleaning ideas that are mere propaganda. In this guide below you will be able to understand 6 myths on disinfectant service.

Disinfecting door knobs
Disinfecting door knobs

i) Disinfectant products work immediately

Many homeowners usually use disinfectant solution when cleaning their surfaces so that they can kill germs or bacteria. However, it is important to know that it is not easy to get a product that can kill bacteria or germs instantly.

Also, by sweeping the surface you will not kill any germs. Therefore, you must read the product labels so that you can understand the contact time for the disinfectant that you are using. The instruction on the product will inform you of how many minutes you can leave the solution so that it can kill all bacteria and germs.

Disinfection service
Disinfection service

2) You will get better results if you only disinfect compared to when you clean

Normally, disinfecting and cleaning are done at the same time. This means that before you disinfect the surface, you should clean it so that you can remove surface grime, dirt, and dust. This is because if you decide to only disinfect, the surface dirt can reach with the disinfecting chemicals and make them less effective. Therefore, you must make sure that your efforts of killing germs are effective by ensuring that you conduct thorough cleaning before applying the appropriate disinfectant.

Cleaning VS disinfecting
Cleaning VS disinfecting

3) Disinfection and cleaning are the same things

Normally cleaning uses surfactants and detergents in breaking up dirty particles on surfaces. On the other disinfectants inactivate or kill pathogens or microorganisms in various. However, this will depend on the kind of disinfectant that you will use. Some disinfectants can penetrate the outer cells of the pathogens, thus weakening them while others tear them apart.

4) If a disinfectant kills many germs, then it must be toxic

In the past this was true, however, about 15 years ago many companies have been trying their best to offer safer and environmentally friendly disinfectants. Currently, many disinfectants that are sold in the market are safer and at the same time efficient in killing bacteria and germs. However, if you buy a disinfectant that has phenols or bleach, you are offered with protocol on how you can use it safely.

In many cases, all disinfectant manufacturers in Singapore are expected by the government to have their products tested for inhalation, dermal and oral toxicity. The best disinfectant is required to be free from volatile organic compounds, non-sensitizing, non-irritating, and non-toxic.

Disinfectant  killing bacteria and germs
Disinfectant killing bacteria and germs

5) More is better

Sometimes many homeowners believe that when they use a lot of disinfectants then they would achieve better results. However, what you should know that it can be very difficult for you to rinse or wipe away all excess chemicals as they can leave a sticky film that can attract grime and dirt.

Therefore, you can only get better results if you follow the directions given out the labels for a proper amount of disinfectant

Disinfection service Singapore
Disinfection service Singapore

6) If it smells good then it is clean

You must know that both scented and unscented disinfectants will deliver the same cleaning effect. Therefore, you should avoid the idea of believing that your surface or items will be clean once they smell good. For instance, the sweet smell of lavender or pine will come from the natural oils of the product that you are using and not the cleanliness of your items or surfaces.

One of the best ways for you to know if something is clean is to touch it with clean hands. In case it looks and feels clean, then there are high chances that you have used the disinfectant well in removing grime or dirt from the surface.

Many myths which are believed by many people in society do not have serious consequence. However, when it comes to myths that pertain to the use of disinfectants, there can be adverse effects for the homeowners who believe in them. Some of the implications might be exposure to pathogens or disinfectants in compliance.

Therefore, you should consider the above 6 disinfection myths about disinfection service so that you can ensure your safety and that of other people.

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