Pros and Cons of Steam Carpet Cleaning

You can not only improve comfort in you are office or home but also enjoy lots of health benefits if your carpets are clean. So, to clean your carpets perfectly you will have to choose a right process for this purpose. You can clean your carpets yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning service to accomplish the task perfectly. It can be a difficult task for you if want to do it yourself even if you neither have any tool and expertise nor any knowledge in this regard. So, for this reason people usually search for professional carpet cleaners to clean their carpets regularly.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Highly skilled professional carpet cleaners use various methods to clean carpets like dry cleaning and steam cleaning etc. but to select the right method is a very difficult decision to take before starting the process. You will have to consider pros and cons of each method of cleaning carpets to find the best and most suitable one in your case. Pros and cons of steam carpet cleaning method are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

As suggested by the name of steam carpet cleaning the dirt from the carpets is removed by using stream from hot water under high pressure. The hot steam is pumped with intense force through the carpets to remove debris, dust and dirt contained in the tough stains on them. The loose dirt particles held in the fibres of the carpet are then removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. In fact in this carpet cleaning method hot steam helps in making the time to react faster due to high pressure. Later on a special brush is used to scrub the carpet to groom its looks. But before using the carpet again some time has to be provided to it to dry up completely.

Pros of steam carpet cleaning

Safer carpet cleaning process

The temperature as well as pressure of the hot water used in steam carpet cleaning is regulated so that it can be harmless for the fibres of the carpet. So to make this method safe for the carpet everything is controlled according to the type of its fibres.

Effective method

Steam carpet cleaning does not use any cleaning agent to remove dirt and debris completely accumulated deeply into the stains on your carpets like used in other carpet cleaning methods. In order to ensure that no residue is left behind various carpet cleaning strategies are used in steam cleaning process.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet dries faster in steam cleaning

If you employ profession steam cleaners to clean your dirty carpets then they use various types of equipment to clean and dry your carpets faster than any other method. They attach their steam carpet cleaning machine to a vehicle to increase its power to spray detergent on the carpet as well as suck the water from it to the most to dry up the carpet as soon as possible

Thorough carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning method removes the deeply accumulated dirt in the carpet thoroughly, instead of only from its surface as removed by traditional vacuum cleaners. Those vacuum cleaners cannot remove the dirt and dust settled into the carpet with water content. The steam cleaners clean even the extremely dirty carpets by using hot water and detergent under certain pressure. They kill dust mites and other allergens in the carpet with the help of the heat of the steam. They remove stains of various types of spills by converting them into mud by using detergents and water collectively.

Cons of steam carpet cleaning

Time consuming process

As the name suggests, the carpet is washed in steam cleaning method instead of removing solid wastes accumulated on it. So this method is most appropriate for the carpets which are almost clean. You can remove dry debris from it by using a vacuum cleaner before steam cleaning it. And after steam cleaning the carpet you will have to use vacuum cleaner again to remove water from it. In this way it needs lots of time if you have to clean a larger carpet with this method.

Various types of recurring costs

In order to steam clean a carpet properly you will have to use hot water and detergent and you will have to use both of these items throughout the life of your carpet to keep it clean. If you hire a professional cleaning service for this purpose then it will increase the cost of carpet cleaning depending upon the type of service and the area you live in. Your carpet may need frequent cleaning if it is used in high traffic areas, which will again increase the cost of steam cleaning it.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Probabilities of damage

Some of the steps taken in steam carpet cleaning can be damaging for your carpet. The heat required to create steam for this purpose can damage the bas as well as fibre of the carpet. The carpet may not be able to retain its visual beauty after steam cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner may not be able to suck out all the water from the carpet if your steam cleaner has more than enough water while cleaning the carpet. It can increase the chances of infestation of mildews and molds.

Requires professional services to accomplish the task

One must be an experienced and skilled steam cleaner to steam clean a carpet. You must have proper equipment and machines to accomplish this task perfectly. You can damage your carpet if you do it yourself even without proper equipment and training. So you will have to hire professional steam cleaning service to avoid damaging of your carpet, which will increase your carpet cleaning cost.

Thus after knowing the pros and cons of steam carpet cleaning you can take a well informed decision about the method to keep your carpets clean. You should choose a reputable and experienced carpet cleaner in your area to keep your carpets clean and retaining their looks for long time. Though you can occasionally use other carpet cleaning methods also but for regular cleaning of your carpet you should preferably depend on stream carpet cleaning only.

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