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Hygiene, both at home and at work, is an essential part of its habitability. Most importantly at the work place, cleanliness helps portray smartness and professionally, creating an image that ultimately becomes your strongest marketing tool. As such, you should ensure that your premises are always sparkling clean so as to safeguard your health, and for comfortable residence.

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While this can be quite a daunting task to perform yourself considering the stretch in free time nowadays, selecting the right company can also prove daunting; what with the numerous cleaning companies in Singapore.
However, you can always look to us to fulfill all your floor chemical cleaning needs. With Singapore Cleaning Service, you will get to enjoy conveniences like:

• Quality services

Our popularity in the market as compared to our competitors comes from a reputation of offering excellent, outstanding services. This is reflected in our work as we leave your floor free of any stains, and particles, making it shiny and smooth for that elegance appearance. In addition to this, our staff is more than passionate about their work, and as such endeavor to offer quality-cleaning services, in a timely manner and with minimal intrusion into your affairs.

• Professionalism

We pride ourselves in being a fully certified floor chemical cleaning company, having met all the necessary standards as set by the Singapore government. As such, we ensure that our services meet our principles by deploying only the best professional cleaners. To this end, you can be assured that we will meet all professional ethics such as respect for privacy, honesty, hard working and responsibility for their work and conduct. Furthermore, all the cleaners are fully trained on how to handle different dirt and stains to avoid any residues. They are well equipped with all the relevant modern equipment and safe chemical for effective cleaning to ensure your floor is left shinning and sparkling.

• Insurance

While it is very rare, it is also very possible for accidents to happen. When they do, they may lead to damages and other financial expenses. However, we ensure that we take full responsibility for such scenarios as the same way we are fully responsible for cleaning. To facilitate this, we are fully insured, assuring all our clients safety of their floors and compensation for any losses.

• Flexibility

We understand how tight the time schedule can get nowadays; what with the heightened business activities all over Singapore. However, that does not apply to us, as we are your trusted and reliable support staff. As such, we are always waiting for your call to attend to your services. Furthermore, we can conform to any time schedule you see fit, including daily and weekly cleaning, and even one-time floor chemical cleaning. We also endeavor to always show up for emergency cleaning services to ensure your floor current unhygienic state does not inconvenience you during crucial functions.

Cleaning Company

• Safety and green cleaning

Unlike ordinary cleaning, floor chemical cleaning deals with tough stains, some of which may pose a risk to your health in the long-term. To this end, the Singapore Cleaning Service ensures that we use the best cleaning chemicals available in the market. Furthermore, we ensure that all the chemicals used are safe both for you and for the environment. To this end, we use only certifies and green chemicals to help safeguard nature beauty for tomorrow generations. We also take several crucial steps after cleaning to safeguard your safety and comfort. For starters, we ensure that the floor and the room in general is thoroughly rinsed off all the chemicals and detergents. This ensures that traces are not left behind, leaving the room smelling fresh. Our staff also ensures that the floor is completely dry after washing to avoid risks of slipping and falling. As you can see, our team of professional and caring staff is always on the lookout for your health and safety.

• Affordable services

With such a growing economy in Singapore, you will be surprised by how much services such as cleaning can go for. While it is inarguable the company is developing fast, it is also important to understand that some service providers are usually out to rip off unsuspecting clients, charging high fees and even offering sub-standard services, which do not even match the price. However, the Singapore Cleaning Service offers some of the most competitive prices in the market to ensure you do not miss the luxury and convenience of floor hygiene. However, this is not to imply that we offer substandard services. Rather, we use the best chemicals and detergents in the market, all bought at a friendly price thanks to our huge inventory of clients in need of cleaning services. Furthermore, we also ensure that we charge the right price for the services offered, and do not take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Furthermore, we have diverse payment plans meant to meet your needs and preferences, making it a hustle free affair for everyone. As such, you can be assured of saving quite some money in the long term when working with us.

Guarantee good health and comfort today

As mentioned earlier, some of the dirt and stains associated with chemical floor cleaning may pose a threat to your health with time. As such, it is important to ensure that the stains are washed off before occupying the premises, and that accumulating dirt is cleaned regularly. In addition to taking the harmful bacteria and microorganisms out of the room, we also usher in fresh air, clean and shiny surfaces and orderliness. This goes a long way in enhancing the room comfort of its inhabitants. For the business premises, this works to improve the employee level of appreciation, consequently increasing productivity. For your home, this high level of cleanliness ensures you and your family always feel relaxed and at peace when resting in your house.


Our reputation in the market speaks for our quality of services. To join our list of satisfied clients, visit and browse our features. What more, you can call us anytime for free consultation and arrange cleaning services based on your schedule, and you can be assured that we will show up on time, regardless of where you live in Singapore.


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