Where Can I Find The Best Curtain Cleaning Company?

Let's face it, finding the best curtain cleaning company could really be a daunting task, especially if you don't even have any background about it. Most would claim that they're the best; they're more affordable; and they could perform their services at a cheaper rate. Though, this doesn't mean that what they say is really true. It could be, they're just trying to lure innocent customers into trying their curtain cleaning services. By making a wrong decision, this would have a negative impact not only to your curtains, but even on your furniture and house as well. That's why it's important to be very cautious when choosing the best curtain cleaning company. We're here to share you some of the best ways and tips that would help you find a curtain cleaning company in Singapore. These tips have been tested through time, and we could give you a guarantee that after reading this, you'll have the knowledge that you're going to need during your search.

Where Can I Find The Best Curtain Cleaning Company?

The Kind of Training

Believe it or not, you'd probably be surprised as we tell you that most people would rather opt for a cheap curtain cleaning service without even thinking if they have any formal training or not. The end result? Aside from getting a very unsatisfactory service, the customers end up spending more. As much as possible, opt for curtain cleaning companies that have passed the National Curtain Cleaners Association's training. The reason behind would be, only the most competent and skilled companies could get through this difficult training program-- which could give you a guarantee that they'll only deliver quality service. Aside from that, you should also check if they have the latest development in the cleaning industry. For instance, check if the curtain cleaning company you're going to hire have attended regular, complementary training courses.

Equipments and Cleaning Solutions

Look for a curtain cleaning company that has been approved by the leading curtain manufacturers. Ensure that they have the right tools, materials, and they really know what they're doing- which means, they'll be familiar with the solutions that must be done in a specific kind of cleaning job. You don't want your curtains shrinking and definitely, you don't want them to accumulate dirt faster than how it was before.

That's what could possibly happen if the wrong curtain cleaning materials are used. Ideally, the solutions that should be utilized must be eco-friendly, and it should have the Wool Safe trademark. If you're not aware, products that carry this trademark are considered to be good for carpet, curtain, and any type of upholstery-- even when the material doesn't contain woolen fibers at all. Thus, these cleaning solutions are very effective when it comes to removing dirt, harmful grit, and other health-threatening pollutants without the dirt-attracting residue that most curtain cleaners have. Additionally, you should try to figure out if the curtain cleaning company offers eco-friendly cleaning programs.

Different Cleaning Methods

For this, you should know if your curtains need thorough cleaning. For instance, over the years, dirt has probably become ingrained between the fiber or it hasn't been professionally cleaned for a long period of time. However, it could also be, you just moved into the building, house, or office and you want to freshen up the curtains. For this, specialists are needed in order to experience a deep, but safe curtain cleaning service. Likewise, depending on the degree of soiling, as well as your own preferences, you'll receive an array of cleaning choices and you should pick one that would be ideal for your problem.

Similarly, you should also inquire about their cleaning methods and ask how good their system is especially in removing stains and spots. If the curtain cleaning company holds a good reputation, they would be honest enough and tell you that-- although they could remove most stains, there's no guarantee that everything would be gone. Keep in mind, no matter how proficient a company is, it's still impossible to remove ALL spots and stains. Also, if by any chance, they mention that they have a FREE 1 week post cleaning post removal, then it's a good sign that they're really professional and wants to get the job done effectively.

Best Curtain Cleaning Company?

Customer Satisfaction

As you look for the best curtain cleaning company try to find out if it has genuine testimonials from the previous customers. These people should be willing to talk to you, just to ensure if what they're saying holds true or not. On the other hand, if the company refuses to talk about their previous cleaning jobs, this should serve as a red flag for you. What could be the possible reason why they don't want to tell about that.

Is the Work Fully Guaranteed

Sometimes, we can't prevent this from happening-- a cleaning job that's not as good as what we've expected. Whenever this happens, you should have the privilege of getting a free re-clean and you shouldn't be embarrassed about it. If ever you're still not happy with the result after the re-cleaning, the company should be willing to offer a cash-back.

The 'Bait and Switch' Tactic

Companies who utilize the bait and switch tactics, offer their services at a very low price, just so you would hire them. However, after booking, they'll suddenly tell you that there needs to be extra work or you should additionally pay for the other materials to be used. This is considered to be an unethical practice.


A reputable curtain cleaning company would have an insurance even if they're already confident that they could perform the task efficiently. Accidents do happen-- that's why it's important to ask if the company you're planning to hire has an insurance coverage.


To find out about a curtain cleaning company's "guarantees" you could always check their homepage and you'll find something that could help you determine if they're legitimate or not.

Finding the Local Curtain Cleaning Service

Now, you could start your search for the local curtain cleaning service, because you already know the basics and what you should take into consideration as you look for a reputable cleaning company that could get the job done, the way it should be and how you prefer it to be.


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