Tips On How To Clean Ceiling Light

Admittedly, cleaning ceiling lights and fixtures tends to be one of those things that we put off all the time. Since ceiling fixtures are not as easily noticeable as other places in the house, they tend to get forgotten. While the task of cleaning them may not be so enjoyable, it can make a significant difference. Ceiling lights and fixtures tend to be a collection point for dust, grime, dirt, and dead bugs. If left uncleansed for too long, they can slowly dim your light. This is a loss because you will still have to pay the normal power bill for the dim light.

Clean Ceiling Light

Therefore, whenever a chance presents itself, consider cleaning your ceiling light. With regular cleaning, it can be possible to do it once a week and in less than 30 minutes. If you have not already done it, go ahead and put this chore on your to do list. Listed below are simple tips that will equip you on how to keep your ceiling lights always clean.

The Common Fixtures in Ceiling Lights

The components of ceiling lights may include:

- Light bulbs
- Glass covers
- Glass pendant lights
- Chandeliers, their crystals and saucers
- Plastic covers for ceiling and outdoor lights
- Lamp Shades

What You Need

- All purpose cleaner e.g. detergent water or vinegar
- Clean dust cloth or dry micro-fiber cloth
- Drop cloth such as a towel
- Screwdriver
- Ladder
- Extendable duster

Cleaning Instructions
Step 1 -

While this may be common knowledge, it is important to keep in mind that all lights need to be switched off. This will keep you and whoever may be assisting you from the danger of electrocution. Of course, no one wants to encounter unnecessary accidents.

Step 2 -

Place the drop cloth beneath the ceiling light that you intend to clean. This serves two purposes. One, it protects any breakables that may accidentally fall during cleaning. Secondly, it keeps your floor clean by collecting the debris that falls during cleaning.

Clean Ceiling Light

Step 3 -

Position the ladder close to the ceiling fixture that you intend to clean. Ensure that it's not placed directly beneath the fixture you are cleaning to give you space to do your work.

Step 4. -

Here, you need to detach any removable parts such as plastic or glass covers. Ensure that you support removable parts with your hand as you unscrew them to void dropping them. Ensure that all the hardware such as screws are placed in a clean work station. This will ensure nothing gets lost in the process.

Step 5 -

If the covers were encasing any dust or dead bugs, empty them into a trash can.

Step 6 -

This step involves cleaning individual fixtures of the ceiling light. Here are the directions:

Glass Covers and Fixtures

Soak the glass cover in warm soapy water and leave it for some time. This can either be in your sink or in a bucket filled with water. After a while, clean the glass cover, rinse it, and then use a dry cloth to wipe off all the wetness. A similar cleaning process can apply to all other chrome, brass, nickel, steel, or pewter covers and fixtures. Please note, do not clean glass covers in a dishwasher. The heat emitted by a dishwasher has the potential of breaking them since most of these fixtures are made of light glass. Secondly, avoid using harsh surface cleaners because they can dull the surface sheen that gives fixtures a glowing look.

Clean Ceiling Light

Light Bulbs

In most cases, light bulbs develop a thin dirt film on their surfaces. Whenever possible, unscrew them from the holders for ease in cleaning. Using a damp cloth, wipe off the dirt gently then leave the bulbs for a little while to dry. As they dry, you can wipe their holders with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dead bugs. That is why it is necessary to ensure that the power is off to avoid direct contact with water. Once everything is dry, fix the bulbs back to their place.

Chandeliers Crystals and Saucers

Since these parts are often intricately arranged in a chandelier, you may opt to remove a few at a time to avoid distorting the pattern. Alternatively, you could make a map to track their exact positioning. Taking a photo of the chandelier before dissembling is also a smart way to keep record. Once you have removed them, soak them in soapy water. If you are doing this in a tub or sink, it is advisable to cushion the bottom with a cloth. Wash the crystals and saucers with a cloth and rinse them. Wipe them dry and replace them immediately, lest you forget where they should go.

Lamp Shades

As with most other ceiling light fixtures, dusting them weekly can keep them clean for long. However, when cleaning is not as often, dirt can build up into grime that is harder to clean. Fabric and rattan shades can be easily cleaned by using a soft vacuum to suck away dust. With beaded shades, regular vacuuming can remove dust. A damp cloth can also help wipe away any dirt. Glass and plastic shades can be cleaned in sudsy water and then wiped dry.  Use a damp cloth to clean metal shades. Paper shades can be dusted or replaced when they become too dirty. Silk shades should be cleaned professionally since they are more delicate.

Additional Tips

Regular dusting and vacuuming of your house, including the ceiling light fixtures can reduce the amount of dirt that rests on your ceiling lights. A weekly cleaning is therefore advisable. That however should not keep you from doing a thorough cleaning at least once a year. An extendable duster is a quick and efficient way to remove dust from ceiling lights. Consider having one in your house.
It may not always be easy to remove bugs from your ceiling lights. To ensure you don't have to always remove them, consider keeping them from your house in the first place. You can easily do this by putting off lights that are not in use and replacing broken window screens. Lastly, plug any holes that bugs use to access your house.

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