Things To Consider When Choosing A Cleaning Service

Have you been looking around your workplace recently and cannot believe how dirty it has gotten? The solution is hiring a cleaning service for your place of work, but ensuring that you have made the right decision for your needs, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. So, below are things that you should always keep in mind:

Choosing A Cleaning Service

The cleaning service should be trustworthy

If you didn't trust someone, you would never allow them to enter your workplace by themselves, and the same goes for the cleaner that you have hired. Look into what your service does to put the client at ease, such as performing a tour of the workplace and informing them of the process used to hire employees. Do they send the same cleaner every week or will they rotate between a few?

They should possess proper insurance

There are some insurances available for these services that are designed to protect both their clients and their cleaners. They should hold liability insurance, which protects your furnishings from any damage, and workman's compensation insurance, which protects the client if a cleaner becomes injured while on their property. Ask for the names of insurance companies for verification.

They should possess relevant training

Did you know that not everyone knows how to clean? A service should have procedures in place that ensure their employees have received proper training in regards to cleaning practices. If the cleaners have not received the proper training, they may accidentally damage your workplace because they do not know the right procedures. Ask some questions regarding certain areas, such as timber floors.

They should be operating legally

It is important to ensure that you have hired a service that is operating above board and ethically. Find out whether they accept cheque and credit cards as well as cash if they only accept cash, it's likely that they are operating illegally and are avoiding tax. It is important to remember that you, the client, will also be held responsible if you are found to have dealings with them.

Choosing A Cleaning Service

The cleaning service should supply references

Any reputable service should be more than happy to supply you with references from their past happy clients. While you shouldn't take this sort of information as the absolute truth, it can provide you with some contact details for clients who have used the cleaners before; this will allow you to contact them directly to ask for an unbiased opinion. If they don't provide testimonials, steer clear. Also, a cleaning company can be the savior, especially for those people who live an erratic life. Before you go ahead and hire the first cleaning company that you stumble across, there are a few things to keep in mind. You are letting a stranger have complete access to your home you better be sure about them.

Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid which could help in finding the right services.

Lowest Prices

Many of you commit the mistake of opting for services that are available at relatively low prices without analyzing the level of quality they provide. Although there is no die hard rule that low priced services are always inefficient, one needs to take care of the following parameters. Many companies promise low prices via email or phone as bait for attracting customers. But once you avail their services, they suggest you that only a higher priced job would suit your place. There are times when the cleaners provide low priced packages and in return refuse to provide any insurance for the work. There are also times when the cleaners hired by the company are inexperienced due to which they charge low prices. Look for the equipment that is being used for the cleaning purpose. The equipment includes chemicals, brushes, mops and other supplies. Use cheap equipment can affect the quality of service as well as your accessories that are being cleaned using such stuff.

Hiring Without Verification

If you are trusting over a company merely by a phone call or a flyer, then you are probably making a blunder. Rather than calling them directly, try inviting someone from the cleaning company to your place and ask for a written quotation. This way you could understand what services are you exactly paying for. This is when you could even negotiate and ask for some special money saving package based on long time association with the company. Make sure you ask them to send only certified affiliates like plumbers, air conditioning techs, painters, decorators, window cleaners and carpet cleaners.

Choosing A Cleaning Service

Not Checking the Reference

You cannot rely on everything that the cleaning company says. Not all companies are honest about their past work record. By crosschecking with the references given, you can at least get a sense of what to expect from the company.

Choosing a Company without Insurance Coverage

No job is without risks. Regardless of how careful you are, there are always things beyond your control. Make sure the company you hire has proper insurance coverage in place. With insurance, you can at least be sure that you are covered against losses - if only monetarily. See to it that the company you hire has sufficient experience under their pocket so that the possibility of a mishap is low.


Before you decide to take up the services from a particular cleaning company, it is essential that you clear all the doubts regarding the services that would be provided. Look for the frequency of the services i.e. bi-weekly, weekly or monthly. Ask them if services like bed making, dusting ceiling fans, cleaning windows exterior and handling laundry clothes are included in the package. Take everything in a written agreement or quotation form to ensure they do not miss any point. Small steps on your behalf can go a long way in finding the company that delivers good value for your money.

As you can see, there are some things that you should keep in mind when hiring a cleaning service for your workplace; these points will not only ensure that you are making the right decision, they will ensure that you have chosen a service that operates as they should be.

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