How to Clean a Mattress

Your mattress becomes ruined when it gets dust mites, bloods stains or even sweat. Accidents often take place, and in case your mattress has a considerable share of some tough blood stains, it is obvious that you wish to comprehend the right way to mattress cleaning. For beginners, blood stains are hard to remove due to the fact that blood contains some proteins. This doesn’t imply that the case is as a whole hopeless.

Mattress Cleaning Tips

There are many proven techniques which can reinstate your bed with less effort.

a) Getting blood stains out of your mattress

When you are dealing with wet spots, begin by evacuating the excess liquid simply by dabbing it using a damp cloth. Avoid using hot water or attempting to rub that stain from your mattress. What happens after rubbing the blood stain is that the blood stain settles even further into your bed making it hard to get the stain out. After dabbing that spot, blot the surface using a dry towel in order to absorb excess blood. Repeat that till you get a clean cloth & a dry spot. These are some products you can use:

Enzyme cleaner

It’s a good idea to have some laundry products. The most effective & easiest way to remove blood stains is by making use of enzyme cleaners particularly the oxygenated ones. They burst the ugly blotches by simply breaking the molecular structure. This is much of science but essentially, they help to remove blood stains.

Follow the instructions on the cleaner. Majority of them have no issue with fabric but just be sure to confirm that. Dab a little amount of the cleaner on your towel & pat the cleaner on your mattress. After that, leave it to do its work.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a known bleaching agent as well as a disinfectant. In the mattress cleaning needs, you should only use it on the bright colored mattresses particularly the white ones. Mix this product with some detergent or soap & a salt tablespoon to come up with a paste.

Dab your paste on that stain & leave the patch to dry. One can utilize a gentle toothbrush to scoop the dried paste. In case you still remain with some stains, use this product directly on some clean towel & pat the product on that stain till it becomes clean.

Mattress Cleaning Tips

Talcum Powder

This is another simple method to remove blood stains. Just mix a cup of water together with a tablespoon of the talcum water to come up with a paste. Apply that paste on your stain & leave the stain to dry. After it has dried, scrap it out after which you should vacuum your mattress.

Baking Soda

Another tested home remedy for removing stains is the baking soda. One can mix the baking soda with some cold water or opt to apply the soda directly to a stain and later sprinkle white vinegar. After thirty minutes it gets absorbed after which you should repeat the rinsing & drying process.

b) Getting urine from your mattress

It is a common thing to have a mattresses being stained and becoming dirty due to having pets as well as children in the home. The nasty pee odors might be cumbersome to you & it’s necessary to avoid them quickly as you can. With children in your house, it’s a natural task which you must cope up with. Growing up must be there & one can’t ignore the accidents despite the efforts they put.
Stain & odors might be difficult to evacuate as time passes by. Therefore, taking actions timely to settle them is very crucial. There are various methods however which can help very much to remove the irritating stains.

Laundry detergents

These detergents have proven to be very perfect with regards to urine stains removal. What you are supposed to do is simply taking a detergent & mix several teaspoons in a cup full of warm water. After that, pour the mixture on the affected spots. Wait for a while and rub them & later wash using warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is an item that can be bought from stores as well as chemists with a lot of ease. Some laundry sprays similarly contain this content. Simply spray this product over your mattress’ spot & rub using a piece of cloth. After some time, leave it to dry or utilize some vacuum to ensure that it is dried completely.

Having such accidents is common particularly when one has pets or even young children. They are not aware of how bothersome that can be. Apart from there being home remedies for tackling that, there are similarly strong detergents that are available and can do a perfect job. Training your children too as well as the pets is essential to cope up with the case in the coming days. One can utilize a plastic tarp to prevent this particularly for the dogs & cats.

Mattress Cleaning Tips


This might be a perfect cleaning agent. It’s not a risky or even toxic to anyone and it can clean up your required areas since it has the capability to capture smells. This can therefore minimize the urine stink to a great extent. For that purpose, put undiluted white vinegar into your spray bottle. Spray the vinegar onto your affected spots. After that, blot the mattress dry using a paper towel or a piece of cloth. Allow your mattress to dry in some fresh air or utilize vacuum in order to dry it fast.

Enzyme wash

There are some enzyme cleaners that are available on the market that are fit for the purpose. Simply spray the enzyme cleaner over your desired spot. Leave it to dry for a minimum of ten minutes. Later, blot up any wetness using a paper towel. After that, sprinkle some baking soda on that area and leave it there for around eighteen hours. Finally, vacuum the mattress all over to allow it to dry completely.


Without noticing it, most people can underestimate the degree of dirt in their mattresses. Regular cleaning of beds is the sole guarantee of sleeping well every night. Taking time to take care of the mattress will bring a huge difference towards improving the indoor air quality. The blood stains aren’t supposed to give you any headache when cleaning. Simply utilize any of the simple methods above, & you will get a bed that is stain-free within a short time.

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