Home Dust Cleaning Tips

Dust cleaning is very essential to make sure you are living in a healthy environment. In this article, you find the best tips for dust cleaning for your home which will go a long way in making things easier for you. Allergies and another type of respiratory problems could be aggravated if you are dust sensitive. Dust found in houses contain a whole lot of trouble causing molds, fibers, dander from any pets that you may have, as well as microscopic dust mites too. These dust mites, which cause much harm, are found to thrive in warm and humid conditions. With a bit of care and caution, you can easily do away with these dust mites from your house and make your space dust free, thereby creating a very conducive atmosphere for your family to live.

Home Dust Cleaning Tips

Here are a few tips on making your home dust free.

- Cut down on furniture, carpets, rugs, etc. because of the more the furniture, the more surfaces there are for the dust to accumulate. Carpets are also great places where dust mites thrive and hence if possible, do away with them and leave the floor bare and shiny clean.

- Empty frequently closets and gives them a thorough cleaning.

- Regular dusting, cleaning, and scrubbing walls, floors, and all fixtures in the room can help prevent dust from accumulating.

- Wood furniture or flooring if any should be cleaned regularly and varnished so as to eliminate dust particles.

- Make sure that there are no damp patches in the room. Damp areas tend to attract molds and fungus, which are responsible for a whole lot of adverse health reactions.

- Bed sheets, pillow and cushion covers, curtains, quilt covers, blankets, etc. are areas which are found to host dust mites. Wash and clean them at very frequently in hot water so as to destroy the dust mites.

- Shoes are the main culprit in bringing in the dust to the house. Remember to clean them regularly and put them away in separate boxes or another area which is well aired.

Home Dust Cleaning Tips

- Avoid dust catchers like artificial flowers, indoor plants, etc. especially in the bedroom.

- If the room is poorly ventilated with less air circulation, it may prove to be a thriving ground for dust mites. Keep your room well ventilated and ensured proper air circulation at all times.

- Keep the temperature and humidity levels to a minimum inside your house. This is because dust mites have a tendency to multiply in high humidity.

- If your child is prone to respiratory disorders, try to minimize the use of stuffed toys as they innocently harbor a whole lot of dust mites. But if you cannot do without it, then wash them regularly so as to minimize the damage.

- Never let your pets sleep on the sofa or bed. If possible do not let them into the bedroom.

Time consuming frustration is unanimous with the task of cleaning your home. Whether you're required to get on your knees to clean your kitchen floor or scoot the vacuum cleaner across two stories of dusty carpets and floors, cleaning the house is not an easy feat.

Simplicity is a key when it comes to hassle-free home cleaning and, although it sounds like a myth, it can be done! With hundreds of house cleaning tips and tricks available on the internet, the only task is to come up with a comprehensive list of home speed cleaning tips that will simplify and streamline your routine of household chores. Take a look other tips that are sure to leave you with more time on your hands to do what you enjoy.

Home Dust Cleaning Tips

- Sanitisation and Disinfection

Harboring millions of germs, your kitchen sponges and dishcloths require regular sanitisation and disinfection. Forget about hours of soaking and kneading, and focus on quick and effective disinfection instead. Once you've washed your dishes, simply give your sponges a bath in concentrated bleach and pop them into the microwave. Not only will this remove any food stains and residue, but the heat will also kill off any germs and bacteria that have taken up residence in the inner portion of the sponge. When it comes to your dishcloths, mix equal parts bleach and water and let them soak while you complete your other daily tasks. Once you're home, simply rinse them, pop them into a washing machine and wash on a regular cycle.

- Removal of Gunk and Build-up

Have you ever stared miserably at the gunk and build-up on your kitchen or bathroom cupboards, wondering how exactly to remove the logjam? The answer is quite simple - all that you need is a toothbrush, two tablespoons of oil and four tablespoons of baking soda. Mix and use your toothbrush to work the mixture into the grooves and crevices of the gunk. Once all of the build-ups has been loosened, simply use a spritz of kitchen cleaning spray and a damp cloth to remove any oily residue.

- Cleaning Small Toys

Simplicity at its best is when you can clean all of your little one's plastic toys in one fell swoop! You will need:

1. A mesh sock bag,
2. Plastic toys, and
3. Laundry detergent.
Pop the toys into the bag and use the drawstring to secure it. Next, place it into your washing machine and select a warm washing cycle. Pour the detergent into the compartment and simply go about your chores while your machine does the rest.

- Cleaning Electronic Devices

Ever wondered how your keyboard or the corners of your television gather so much dust? We have a simple solution for digital dust-bunnies. If you have a squeeze bottle lying around, simply remove the cap and place it onto the end of your vacuum cleaner's pipe. The nozzle is thin enough to reach into the tiniest of nooks, while the force is strong enough to remove the most compact of dust bunnies.

Simple and effective, these house cleaning tips are sure to leave you with a new perspective on home cleaning. Not only will you have more time to spend with your family and to do what you enjoy, but you will also be able to ensure an effortlessly clean and sanitary home for your loved ones.

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