Cleaning Services For Chinese New Year

With the Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner there is a general feeling of rejoicing and happiness all round. While there is a lot to be looking forward to, there is a lot of preparation that goes into the festivities.  The Chinese New Year is celebrated for 16 days. It begins on New Year's Eve and continues through to the Lantern Festival. But with festivities comes a lot of cleaning. One would prefer to rather spend time with friends and family as opposed to worrying about house work. Besides that, festivities mean that there will mean more to clean. There is also the spring cleaning which needs to be performed before the New Year. This includes a thorough cleaning of the entire home to welcome the New Year. Here at Cleaning Service, we offer the best cleaning services there is. We will even perform cleaning for CNY. We have taken the time to summarize the cleaning services that we would be able to provide you with in preparation for the New Year.

Cleaning Services For Chinese New Year

Cleaning services that we can provide for the coming New Year:

1. House cleaning

When it comes to the house, we can assist you with your cleaning requirements. We can assist you to easily and professionally clean your house. Existing clients are pleasantly surprised at the caliber of cleaning services that we provide for house cleaning.
This service would be perfect for you if you are working shortly before the New Year and you do not have help to assist you with cleaning the inside of the house. People that work are often so tired when they return from work that they are unable to clean the house upon their return home. Even if you are at home, you could be looking after children which is a full-time job. Spring cleaning will be impossible considering that there is still so much work that needs to be taken care of on a daily basis. You could hire us to help you with the spring cleaning requirements. You can then take care of the normal daily cleaning requirements. You need not worry about the safety of your household goods. Our employees are trained professionals and are trained and groomed to demonstrate the highest level of integrity. We will look after your home as if it were ours.

2. Carpet cleaning

While it is good to clean in all the corners and to spring clean the cupboards, there is one area that is often overlooked. Carpets are a wonderful addition to the home bringing both functionality and comfort. The only problem comes in trying to keep it clean. In preparation for New Year, we need to ensure that the carpets are cleaned. We offer professional carpet cleaning services to ensure that your house is spotless when your visitors arrive. We have specialized equipment to clean carpets. This type of cleaning will ensure that majority of the impurities are removed from the carpet. Your carpet will stay cleaner for longer and your friends and family will be wondering how you managed to get the carpets so clean.

Cleaning Services For Chinese New Year

3. Curtain cleaning

Another service we offer is curtain cleaning. Windows are a source for fresh air for the home. We open windows to ensure that there is proper ventilation in the home. Windows are also a source of dust and sand that comes into the house. Window curtains bear the brunt of this sand and dust. They are thus riddled with sand and dust from the outdoors.  We offer professional curtain cleaning as part of a cleaning service for CNY.  We will remove the curtains from where they hang, have the curtains cleaned and replace them for you. Your home will look brighter and the air will feel fresher with the addition of professional curtain cleaning service. Curtains are difficult to wash and clean at home. We can help you!

4. Upholstery cleaning

If you really want to make a good impression, then we have a fantastic offering for you. We can offer you upholstery cleaning at affordable rates and will make sure that the interior of the home is in tip-top shape. Upholstery can get incredibly dirty over time with usage. It is important to look after these possessions as they need to last you a lifetime. Our upholstery cleaning services for CNY will offer intense, yet safe cleaning for your upholstery. Machinery will be operated only by trained professionals. You can trust that your couches for example will be clean for the festivities.

Cleaning Services For Chinese New Year

5. Part-time maid service

In addition to the house cleaning, carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning that we provide, we can also assist you with a part-time maid service. There is so much to consider for the CNY, gifts, festivities, shopping, food preparation. You may need assistance from New Year's Day to the Lantern Festival. People today have so much to do that there is limited time for much else. Our expertly trained maids can be your helping hand. They can help you to clean up after the festivities and ensure that your home remains clean right up until the Lantern Festival. Speak to us about this service if you are unsure as to what types of cleaning activities will be involved and we will be happy to assist.

6. A New Year - " looking forward "

While it is important to look at the festivities now in preparation for the new year, remember that a New Year brings revision. We look back at what happened in the previous year and what we would like to change. If you are of working class and find it difficult to look after your home, then we can assist you. We can come to your home on a part-time basis and perform the tasks that you do not have time to complete yourself. Even if it not a bi-weekly service that you are after, carpets and curtains should be cleaned on a continuous basis and now only at the advent of New Year. This is especially true if you suffer from allergies or have asthma. Curtains and carpets harbor dust and should be cleaned regularly to keep the air indoors sanitized. We also offer a laundry service and can do your laundry for you at regular intervals. Our rates are affordable and we provide a good quality service. We do not just offer these services to someone who is working, it equally applies to those who stay at home but need to look after small children.
The Chinese New Year is upon us. There are gifts to buy, treats to make, fire crackers to burst and family time to be spent.

The last thing you would want to worry about is cleaning up. That is there Cleaning Service comes in. We want to help you to have peace of mind while you celebrate with our cleaning services for CNY.

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