Which Of These 8 Cleaning Mistakes Are You Making?

People usually make various types of cleaning mistakes while cleaning their household things like faulty use of dishwasher, improper dusting and several other blunders. Some of these mistakes are briefly discussed in this write-up to alert you in this regard.


Clean windows on a sunny day:

If you are tempted to clean windows of your house on a sunny day then you must keep in mind that the heat of the sun will dry up your cleaning solution very quickly leaving behind streaks on the window glasses. According to experts it is better to choose a cloudy day or a mildly hot day for such cleaning works. You can easily clean your windowpanes on such day by using any cleaning agent that can lift up the dirt from them. After applying the cleaner on the window glasses you should leave it there for few seconds and work on it with a sponge so that its entire dirt can be removed. Finally you should wipe away the solution with horizontal and vertical overlapping strokes of the wiper blade. In order to prevent drips on the window glass do not forget to wipe the blade after every stroke. You can use this method to clean your window internally as well as externally.

Use furniture polish for dusting every time:

Earlier oils or furniture polish was used to clean the furniture as they were not protected with a top coating but today it is not necessary as the furniture now has a protective finish at the top. You can go on using furniture oil or wax occasionally to maintain the looks of your inherited piece of furniture. But you should use the same product every time as by using various products with different ingredients can cause chemical reaction to create build-ups on their surface. But the same furniture oil or polish should not be used to clean modern furniture as they already have a protective layer. You can clean them just by dusting the grains and wiping with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Mistakes

Too much use of cleaning product for better cleaning:

Many people use more cleaning product to clean the messes and stains more effectively. It may be true in certain conditions but not always. You are not only wasting the cleaning product by using them excessively but also spoiling the surface you were cleaning with sticky build-ups. You should use the cleaning products as directed by its manufacturer, after reading the instructions provided on their label. In this way you will clean your household things more effectively along with saving lots of money. If you are using a DIY cleaning product then you should use it as much you can pick up in your cleaning rag otherwise it will leave a thing film on the object which will not be easy to clean after some time.

Direct spray of the cleaner:

Though you can spray the cleaner directly if the surface is extremely dirty but this method cannot be used for every surface every time. Direct spray of the cleaner can leave behind dripping marks or residual film on certain surfaces. Instead of spraying the cleaner directly you should spray it on your cleaning cloth so that it can be wiped away easily and clean the surface effectively without creating any build-up.

Use lemon juice or vinegar on every surface:

Some people use lemon juice or vinegar to clean everything as they presume it as mild and organic cleaners. But sometimes they can damage certain natural surfaces like limestone, marble, onyx and travertine etc. due to their acidic nature. The appearance of these stones can become dull by using vinegar or lemon juice to clean them. It will increase your cost of cleaning household as their refinishing is not inexpensive. But they can be used effectively to remove the scales of water or scum of soap from ceramic tiles, shower heads and fiber glass tubs. But you should use a specially designed cleaner while cleaning the surfaces with natural stone top.

House Cleaning

Superficial treatment of fluid stains on the carpet:

People usually scrub the stains on the carpet caused by fluids like red wine, per urine, coffee and even spilled water but may not be effective if the fluids have remained there for long time. The spilled fluid can be resurfaced even from the bottom layer of the carpet if it is cleaned as soon as it happened without scrubbing it. You can use a dry towel as soon as you notice the spill to suck out as much fluid as it can. In order to remove the remnant fluid you can use ice water or club soda to wet the spot again and blot it with another dry towel and repeat the process until the color of carpet starts transferring to the towel. You can also apply a stain remover if the stain persists on the carpet and repeat the process again.

Assume all cleaners equal:

While purchasing a cleaning product you should spend some time on reading its ingredients as all the products are not equal in ingredients and effectiveness. You also need different types of cleaners for different areas as for kitchen counter tops, sink, door handles and bathtubs you may need a cleaner which includes disinfectant so that germs can be killed. Such disinfectant cleaners can be identified with the EPA registration number printed in fine print on their label. Along with reading the ingredients from the label you should also read the instructions to use it so that they can clean your household effectively. The working conditions of various cleaners can be different as some can work effectively if used wet on the surface and removed after some time whereas some has to be removed as soon as they are applied on the surface.

Vacuum pet fur without attachment:

Normally vacuum cleaners blow away the pet fur in the room collected by the while vacuuming tile or wood floor. In this way it spreads debris all over your room instead of cleaning it. So to remove pet fur with vacuum you should use special attachment wand.

Thus, you should avoid these cleaning mistakes if you are making them while cleaning your household.

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