11 Worst Mistakes People Make In Bathroom Cleaning

Keeping a hygienic environment is the responsibility of every homeowner and an inevitable one for any conscious person. The benefits of cleaning your living room, kitchen and bathroom are quite straightforward. Dirty and polluted indoor air spaces can cause various illness and health risks that will quickly escalate to permanent infections. It can also lead to pest and rodent infestation which is very difficult to deal with considering the toxic nature of pesticides available in the market. While most people understand their responsibility and perform it, there are many mistakes made during the process. Here are 11 worst mistakes that happen with bathroom cleaning.

11 Worst Mistakes People Make In Bathroom Cleaning

1. Flashing the toilet with open lid

This is one popular mistake that many are culprits for in bathroom cleaning. Research has over and over stated that germy water can spray up to 6 feet away from a flashed toilet. The germs and bacteria can linger in the air and settle on any film in the house causing indoor air pollution and posing several health risks. Always shut the lid when flushing to avoid contaminating other parts of the house.

2. Storing wet toilet brush

For many people, the toilet brush is in the most disgusting state of all household cleaning tools. Some even resort to cleaning the dirtiest parts of the bathroom using fabric dusters and rugs simply because they see the brush as a dirty breeding habitat for all germs and filth. It is important to clean, disinfect and let the brush dry before storing or using it again. This will prevent germ and bacteria accumulation and the disgusting state of most cleaning brushes.

3. Using one product for all bathroom cleaning

This is another common bathroom cleaning mistake. Many people assume all cleaners are disinfectants and therefore serve all the hygiene purposes. This could not be further from the truth as some bacteria and germs will survive even the most powerful cleaners. You should therefore use a couple of cleaning products for different reasons and results.

4. Cleaning obvious dirt only

The bathroom finishing and tops may look visually clean with only specific parts having obvious stains and dirt. Many people will choose to quickly clean off the obvious dirt and brush up other surfaces lightly. This may lead to thorough germ accumulation and illnesses which is why all bathroom cleaning activities must be comprehensive without oversight of any procedure (flushing, dusting, scrubbing, cleaning, drying and disinfecting).

5. Ignoring the shower curtains and liners

Bathroom germs and bacteria can linger and settle on anything including the curtain liners and even your hands which is why doctors advise washing hands after every visit. You must never let the liners accumulate dirt and form cloudy residues before cleaning. Tossing the liners in the dry cleaner with hot water and a little bleach can go along way in preventing such contamination.

6. Not using the exhaust fan

Fans are added in the bathroom to make the air less offensive and also remove moisture from the air. This prevents formation of mildew and creates and less contaminated environment which is safer. Not using the exhaust fan before ad after cleaning is a big mistake and only promotes accumulation of filthy air and mildew in your bathroom. It is therefore advisable to let the fan run at least 10 minutes after cleaning.

11 Worst Mistakes People Make In Bathroom Cleaning

7. Ignoring the little things

There are some little procedures in bathroom cleaning that most people oversight or just ignore and this is a big mistake. Little things such as bathroom touch-points (shelves, racks, faucets and handlers) must be cleaned regularly and almost as often as bathroom cleaning itself. However, kid bath toys and lofts should be replaced rather than cleaned since they accumulate too much germs over repeated use.

8. Forgetting the toilet brush holder

It is a common practice to thoroughly clean the toilet and bathroom, quickly rinse the cleaning tools and totally forget about the toilet brush holder. This holder can breed much bacteria and germs, especially because it stays in the toilet all the time and has a lot of moisture around. Always ensure the toilet brush holder is cleaned, disinfected and dried every time you clean the bathroom.

9. Using vinegar only for disinfection

Many people are already aware of the toxic nature of most cleaning and detox agents. This is why natural cleaners and disinfectors like vinegar are promoted as the ultimate option especially for their safety. However, using vinegar alone because it is safe and mild will not help combat the germs and bacteria accumulating daily in your bathroom. You should go for a couple of cleaners and disinfectants that will provide the desired result without leaving any chance of bacteria accumulation. Nonetheless, natural options are still highly recommendable for safe indoor air quality.

10. Not using the correct cleaning tool

Most people will agree to only using a toilet brush and soft fabric for cleaning the bathroom. Other people even resort to using rugs to dry the surfaces and remove dirt. Using the wrong cleaning tools is a big mistake since it exposes you to health risks, damages the surfaces and cleans ineffectively. It is important to buy a full set of bathroom cleaning material including buckets, toilet brush and holder, disinfection sponges and cloths as well as safety garment (masks, gloves and shades).

11. Drying bathroom fabrics in the bathroom

This is a common practice among many people and most bathroom fabrics (shower curtains, towels and linens) will be let to dry inside the bathroom. However, this area of the house is under continuous bacteria buildup and every item within is subject to contamination. Having wet items only worsens the situation. All bathroom fabrics must therefore be dried outside before storing them


There are various other minor bathroom cleaning mistakes and some people have much confidence in bleaches or specific products. It is important to acknowledge that your bathroom is perhaps the dirtiest place you have around and requires comprehensive cleaning. All bathroom cleaning procedures must be handled carefully and wholesomely to prevent mildew, germs accumulation and pollution of indoor air quality. The above 11 mistakes are only a few of the biggest and most common. Avoiding them will make cleaning much easier, comfortable and effective


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